Learning to code is a long and arduous journey. This leaves many people depressed. Don’t worry, the inspirational stories we will collect here will help young people navigate the future better.

The development of the programming industry in the future

According to experts, programming will continue to hold importance and show no signs of stopping. Every year, thousands of projects in this industry are born. They directly affect people’s lives, changing the way people live and work. Anticipating the next 5 years, IT is still a leading industry in every trend in society.

Học lập trình cho trẻ em

The human resource demand of the programming industry is increasing, attracting a lot of young people’s interest. Typically, 2021 will increase nearly 2.5 times compared to 2020, it is forecasted that 2022 will continue to increase. According to data on the IT market, in 2021, Vietnam needs more than 400,000 workers and is expected to be 500,000 in 2022. This means that there are countless attractive job opportunities for programmers.

In general, a programmer is a hot career in the future. With only 1-3 years of working experience, young people can fully receive an income of 12-20 million VND/month. As for programmers with 5 years of experience or more, they absolutely receive a terrible income of 40-50 million VND/month.

Sharing of some successful people in the field of programming

Surely when we were asked what we wanted to be when we were kids when we grew up, we all gave hopeful and ambitious answers. Unfortunately, later, not everyone know their life goals and purpose. Because a dream is only a dream if you do not take action or have a clear plan.

To be more motivated for the journey of conquering programming, please take the time to read the sharing of famous programmers such as:

Programming prodigy Katariya

To successfully win the world record for programming, Kautilya started reading IBM documents. The initial aim was to better understand computer programming concepts as well as the Python language. Due to the impact of Covid-19, Kautilya stayed at home and had a lot of time to participate in learning new skills.

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Katariya the youngest programmer in the world

Initially Kautilya familiarized and explored computer languages such as Python, JavaScript and HTML support. Masterfully the boy switched to using Python. Because he discovered that Python is the best programming language to learn right now. It takes about six to seven months for a boy to master Python.

Thanks to that effort, Kautilya received 5 certificates in Python and AI from IBM in November 2020. He excelled when he completed the Foundations of AI professional certificate in AI on edX. As well as the Python for Data Science course in the IBM Cognitive Class program.

Programmer Isabel Sieh

Isabel Sieh is currently the youngest programmer in the Philippines. She approached programming at the age of 10 and now has her own company at the age of 14. Programmer Isabel Sieh is still working every day to transmit her passion to young people around the world.

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Isabel Sieh organizes events, offline sessions to share her learning to code

First, she researched the Code Academy website for Isabel given by her teacher. Not long after, Isabel Sieh from Antipolo city (Philippines) mastered the basic programming languages used to create websites through online classes.

Success never waits for age, 14 years old girl has won the title of youngest programmer in the Philippines. Along with that, he founded his own company called Girls Will Code – a group of girls who are passionate about programming. With the desire to inspire girls who love programming.

The late programmer Barnett

At the age of 40, Barnett advises young people that it’s never too late to program just because you don’t persevere. At this age, he still enrolled at the University of Cincinnati, majoring in Computer Science. Although she is the oldest student in the class, she is still at the top of her class in terms of academic performance.

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Barnett advises young people to learn programming at any age

“There are so many learning methods out there,” says Barnet. Learning is like a kind of morality, we must be very hard working and persistent. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, so go to groups to chat with people. Especially for older developers, do not be afraid to approach talented children and should not be too clingy to the concept of “the older the ginger, the more spicy it is”.

With inspirational stories for young people following the programming industry above are really helpful. As long as you love computer activities and are passionate about learning technology, you should not miss the exclusive programming courses at KASE Edutech. Currently, the center is still recruiting students with both online and offline training methods.

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