Programming Course for Children at KASE Edutech – Technology Brings Enthusiasm

In today’s rapidly developing technological era, learning programming is not only an important skill but also the key to unlocking numerous future opportunities for children. With a mission to instill a passion for programming in children, KASE Edutech has become one of the leading training centers for children in programming and technology.

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KASE Edutech is committed to creating an inspiring and exciting learning environment where children can easily and enjoyably engage with the field of programming. We understand that children need interaction and hands-on experiences to develop their programming skills to the fullest. Therefore, we have developed a unique and innovative teaching methodology that combines theory and practice, helping children develop logical thinking, creativity, and self-discovery.

One of the prominent advantages of KASE Edutech is our team of experienced and dedicated instructors. We have a team of instructors who are extensively trained in programming and technology and also have experience in teaching children. This ensures that children receive dedicated and professional guidance from individuals with deep knowledge and passion for imparting knowledge to children.

Programming Course for Children at KASE Edutech

The educational program at KASE Edutech is designed to be flexible and suitable for children of all ages and skill levels. We offer courses ranging from basic to advanced, from web programming to game programming. This allows children to choose according to their interests and abilities, thus maximizing their potential in the field of programming.

Training Program:

I Can Code for Kids: 07-11 years old

I Can Code for Teens: 12-17 years old

One of the special features of the educational program at KASE Edutech is the application of advanced technology and modern learning tools that are continuously updated, enabling children to learn effectively and with excitement. At the same time, we provide opportunities for children to participate in real-world projects, allowing them to apply their acquired knowledge to practical products and develop skills in teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity.

In addition, KASE Edutech organizes extracurricular activities and competitions to encourage creativity and enhance children’s programming skills. We organize workshops, seminars, and visits to leading technology companies, helping children gain a clearer understanding of the information technology industry and the motivation to develop a passion for programming. Moreover, the programming competitions we organize enable children to showcase their abilities and receive well-deserved recognition and rewards.

Learning programming at KASE Edutech is not just about acquiring a skill but also a journey of inspiration and self-discovery. We prioritize the enthusiasm and passion of children and create the best conditions for them to develop programming thinking and explore their potential.

Come to KASE Edutech – where technology brings enthusiasm. Register today for your children to explore and become talented programmers of the future. Contact us for further information and enrollment schedules.

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