Website Design And Development

Students will have the opportunity to experience and learn how to use an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as Visual Studio Code and learn the web programming languages HTML/CSS. They will also learn about website design frameworks like Bootstrap, and later they can explore the WordPress platform.

Students will be able to learn the entire process of creating and publishing a website with content and elements tailored to their own decisions.

Thiết kế, xây dựng và quản lý Website

Participating in this course will help you understand the process and get an overview of the job of a web developer. Additionally, you will learn about the latest technologies used in website design, which will be a stepping stone for you to explore the newest programming technologies available today.


Lesson 1: Introduction to HTML
Lesson 2: Headings and Text Formatting
Lesson 3: Form Tags and Input Tags
Lesson 4: Combining Multiple Tags into a Complete Web Page
Lesson 5: Introduction to CSS
Lesson 6: CSS Formatting by Property
Lesson 7: CSS Formatting by Tag
Lesson 8: Creating a Navigation Bar
Lesson 9: Creating a Footer
Lesson 10: Creating a Full Page Tab
Lesson 11: Creating a Fixed Sidebar
Lesson 12: Responsive Website Design with CSS
Lesson 13: Overview of JavaScript
Lesson 14: JavaScript Variables, Functions, and Debugging
Lesson 15-16: Project Execution & Presentation
Lesson 1: Introduction to Bootstrap
Lesson 2: Grid System – Responsive Design
Lesson 3: Menu and Navigation Bar
Lesson 4-5: Bootstrap Components
Lesson 6: Combining Bootstrap Components
Lesson 7: Building a Website using Bootstrap
Lesson 8: Bootstrap Forms
Lesson 9: Web Templates
Lesson 10: Common Components
Lesson 11: Midterm Exam (45 minutes) + Review
Lesson 12: Data Types and Operators
Lesson 13: Functions, Events, and Conditional Expressions
Lesson 14: Loops and Form Validation
Lesson 15-16: Project Execution & Presentation


  • Độ tuổi: 12-17
  • Học phần: 32 buổi
  • Thời lượng: 4 tháng


  • Proficiency in using the Visual Studio Code IDE.
  • Acquiring fundamental knowledge of HTML/CSS/Bootstrap/JavaScript.
  • Learning how to utilize the WordPress platform for website development.
  • Creating and building websites.
  • Handling and troubleshooting website issues.
  • Analyzing and configuring websites.
  • 12-17
  • 32 sessions
  • 4 months
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