Programming 2D games with RPG Maker

With its incredibly user-friendly interface and extensive resource system, RPG Maker welcomes programmers of all ages to engage in 2D game development.

RPG Maker allows students to explore the professional game development process and directly experience the implementation of a game project from ideation to a tangible product. Utilizing the Ruby programming language (which shares similarities of about 80% with Python), RPG Maker helps users familiarize themselves with coding concepts and transition from drag-and-drop thinking to writing code by typing.

Lập trình trò chơi 2D với RPG MAKER


Lesson 1: Introduction to RPG Maker application.
Lesson 2: Creating maps and using tilesets in application design.
Lesson 3: Connecting maps and using loops.
Lesson 4: Creating non-playable characters (NPCs) and events.
Lesson 5: Enhancing maps with sound and animations.
Lesson 6: Creating a starting map for a minigame.
Lesson 7: Adding cutscenes to the minigame.
Lesson 8: Adding dialogues for characters in the application.
Lesson 9: Creating conditional dialogues.
Lesson 10: Creating a quest system and rewards.
Lesson 11: Adding character-specific cutscenes for quests.
Lesson 12: Creating a chain of events in the minigame.
Lesson 13: Planning the execution of the project.
Lesson 13: Planning the execution of the project.
Lesson 15: Presenting and testing the project in the class.
Lesson 16: Students present the game applications they have programmed.
Lesson 1: RPG Maker Review.
Lesson 2: Class & Actors & Items in the Database.
Lesson 3: Attributes and Animations in the Database.
Lesson 4: Learning about Common Events and System.
Lesson 5: Learning resource management in RPG MAKER.
Lesson 6: Learning to create self-configuring characters.
Lesson 7: Learning about the Region system in RPG Maker.
Lesson 8: Creating scripts for character classes.
Lesson 9: Creating special configurations for maps.
Lesson 10: Learning to create self-configuring events.
Lesson 11: Learning to create triggers in RPG Maker.
Lesson 12: Learning to configure items.
Lesson 13: Creating family life scenes in RPG Maker.
Lesson 14: Creating advanced applications.
Lesson 15: Sharing class projects and giving trial presentations.
Lesson 15: Sharing class projects and giving trial presentations.


  • Độ tuổi: 09-13
  • Học phần: 32 buổi
  • Thời lượng: 4 tháng


  • Proficiency in using RPG Maker VX Ace application.
  • Ability to design visual objects, sound, and color elements.
  • Creativity in content creation and script writing.
  • Advanced mathematical knowledge and basic understanding of Ruby programming.
  • Ability to think critically and develop unique and impressive 2D game applications.


  • 09-13
  • 32 sessions
  • 4 months
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