Counselling Coordinators

KASE Edutech is a programmer training center with more than 14 years of experience in programming in Vietnam … with a team of experienced, enthusiastic and enthusiastic teachers.

With the need to expand the scale as well as convey information to students, KASE Edutech would like to announce the recruitment of counselling collaborators (CC).

CC’s job description:

  • Introduce to the students to attend KASE Edutech program.
  • Inviting students to participate in workshops and KASE Edutech’s I CAN CODE programming courses.
  • Share I CAN CODE training courses on social networks, events and promoting campaigns of the school.
  • Participate and support the organization of workshops / seminars and events.

CC’s financial benefits:  

  • Income from 2-5 million.

Other benefits:

  • Receive a special discount when participating in any training courses at KASE Edutech.
  • Get good Bonuses when there are registered students.
  • Get Bonuses for active promoting activities
  • Get Bonus when sharing quality posts on social networks with good feedback
  • Participate in KASE Edutech’s workshops
  • Have an opportunity to become a tutor for KASE Edutech.

Specially, additonal reward will be given to Counselling Collaborator with good counselling results, Get alllowances to attend softskill training courses free of charge and get supports to have internships + job placement.

Joining Steps

Step 1: Register on the web: to receive CC’s code.

Step 2: Sign CC contract, receive free course cards, discount vouchers and KASE Edutech’s courses information.

Step 3: Fill in the CC’s code on the course card / voucher…

Step 4: Introduce and advise training courses to acquaintances and friends.

Step 5: Introduced students will bring free course cards, vouchers … to register and pay fees.

Step 6: KASE Edutech transfers commissions to CC based on CC’s code.

CC’s Regulations

  • Each collaborator is provided with one (01) CC code to distribute to customers. When customers register, the CC’s commission will be paid basing on CC’s code declared by customers.
  • CC will be contracted and added to KASE Edutech’s social media channels and participate in the products training and / or related workshops.
  • The commission fee will be calculated and transferred to CC’s bank account on the 10th of each month.

Candidates wishing to register to be CC or have questions, please feel free to contact KASE Edutech at the information below: